2023-24 TEST Full Standings and Stats

18U Full Standings with Fair Play Points

12U Test Stats - for Commissioners to Test How Works

Commissioners should use the two above Google Docs Sheets to test and play with so they understand how they work. Pay attention to the blue and orange areas. BLUE is calculated - do NOT CHANGE. ORANGE is for Commissioner entry. DO NOT SORT OR FILTER any of the sheets - totals will not work.

12U Test Sheets: Penalties are 1 minute Minors, 3 minute Majors and 6 Minute Misconducts for 10U & 12U per NYSAHA rules. About 99% of the entries for 10U will be "who played 1/0", Goals, Assists, Minor-Other. It is possible to have a Game Misconduct to a Coach for abuse of Refs, a Misconduct against a player for complaining or throwing a stick, or something else. 12U will have an occasional Minor Plus Misconduct (probably 5 or less in the season), plus a few Misconducts. Only 4 games are available for the Test Sheets but the Sheets for the Season for each 10U & 12U team will have 16 games plus up to 5 Playoff Games.

14U & 18U Sheets will be setup to use 2 Minute Minors, 5 Minute Majors and 10 Minute Misconducts.

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