10U Blue Standings & Stats

Standings With Fair Play Points

NOTE: Commissioners should keep the schedule up to date in the above Google Docs Sheet. Any updates to the Website Schedule should be emailed to Jeanne, the Webmaster, for updating.


Statistics for each Team will only be accessible to the Head Coach and Manager of the Team (access to be given starting week of 10/23). This is a long standing policy of EAHC. Commissioners will have access to the Statistics pages for all teams as they enter the info from Game Sheets. Note: EAHC does not change statistics based on Team Requests, we only use the data on the Game Sheets.

DO NOT SORT OR FILTER the DATA on GOOGLE DOCS or the statistics will not be accurate and it will cause the league and your Commissioner a lot of extra work to fix!

Instructions for Commissioners to Enter Stats & Scores

1.) Enter the team score on the Home Team page (click on the Team Name under TEAMS then click on GAMES on the left hand side of Team page, you should see a SCORE button). This updates the non FPP Standings. Right now, adding Commissioners to the Team Pages is not working but hope to have this working on Monday as soon as I hear back from Crossbar.

2.) Enter the Team Score in the Team Standings with Fair Play Points (FPP) Google Docs Sheet above. Go to the line with the Game and enter the score for the Home Team to the left of the Home Team Name and to the left of the Away Team Name. Enter a 1 for each team if they get a FPP, 0 if they don't. See below for the Fair Play Point Rule.

3.) Go to the Statistics Google Doc for the Home Team.

NOTE 1: the TOTALS sheet is where player names are entered so if a team adds a player (or sub) to their USA Hockey roster, then add the player after the players already entered. Do not resort the players or the stats will be all messed up. We suggest that subs be entered in the in the slots 15-20. 21 is reserved for Coach penalties. 21-25 are placeholders just case players are replaced and the roster is full (more common at 14U & 18U with bigger rosters).

NOTE 2: For the first game for this team, go to the G1 sheet (2nd game G2,... to G16). There are P1-P5 sheets for playoffs at the end of February. Fill in the opponent name, date and time (time is optional only required if a team has 2 games in 1 day) at the top of the sheet.

NOTE 3: To enter player stats: Enter a 1 if the player played in the game (not crossed off the scoresheet), 0 if crossed off. Then enter any Goals or Assists for each player, use 1,2,3 depending on if the player got 1,2,3 Goals or Assists. Then enter any penalties incurred by the Team. Put a 1 for 1 penalty, 2 for 2 penalties. In most case for 10U & 12U, you will only need to enter Minor penalties (Roughing, Cross Check, Tripping etc) in the MINOR-OTHER Column. If the team gets a Minor for Too Many Men, it should be put under the COACH line (see player #21) and NOT given to the player who served the penalty. Coaches/Teams can also get Minors for Unsportsmanlike and Game Misconducts for Abuse of Officials. Coach & Team penalties (not players) should be put on line #21 under COACH.

RARE (we hope): If a team gets a Minor plus Misconduct for Boarding, Check from Behind, Head Contact or Charging use those columns. There are also columns for a Misconduct (generally saying bad words or disputing a ref call disrespectfully), a Major (3 minutes non releasable for very dangerous acts) and Game Misconducts (1 game suspension). Call the President or VP if one of your teams gets a Match Penalty. If you don't know if a penalty is a Misconduct or Game Misconduct, Call the President or VP.

4.) Go to the Statistics Google Doc for the AWAY Team. Follow the same instructions as in #3.

Fair Play Point Rule (from Page 14 of the EAHC Guidebook):

In any regular season game where a team’s Penalty Minutes do not exceed the following thresholds, the team is awarded a “Fair Play Point” in the standings. Both teams involved in the game are awarded a Fair Play Point if they both stay below the threshold. If only one team is below, then only the team below the threshold is awarded the standings point. The Fair Play Point is in addition to points awarded for win or tie. A team is not awarded a Fair Play Point in a game where a player or coach receives a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty regardless of the team’s penalty minute total. In addition, any game where a coach/bench receives an Unsportsmanlike Conduct Minor, the team will not receive a Fair Play Point regardless of team penalty minute total. The Fair Play Point is equal to 1 point.

Fair Play Point Penalty Thresholds:

Squirt/10U: 5 minutes

PeeWee/12U: 9 minutes

Bantam/14U: 13 minutes

Midget/18U: 15 minutes

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