Coaches Corner Messages

EAHC Youth Coaches:

  1. Please remember that you are required to familiarize yourselves with all of the Empire Conference’s rules and regulations, important dates and policies. These are available here on the Conference website, and in the Conference’s official guidebook that should be downloaded from the Documents list located under Team Manager Resources.
  2. All coaches must be certified per USA Hockey rules and must be on the team's USA Hockey Roster before coaching in a game. Teams are limited to 4 certified & rostered coaches on the bench for any game (teams may have more than 4 coaches on their USA Hockey roster). Failure to obtain proper certification and listed on the team's USA Hockey roster can result in BOTH fines to your organization AND a request to remove the coach from all Empire games.
  3. All coaches agree to abide by the Conference’s philosophy of providing “Equal Ice Time” opportunities for all eligible players in every game regardless of game situation. Coaches are further warned that "the last few minutes of a game/period", "power play" and "penalty kill" situations (or any other game situation) are NOT exceptions to the "Equal Ice Time" philosophy.
  4. All Head Coaches are responsible (per NYSAHA and USA Hockey) for making sure all players participating in a game are rostered on the Team's USA Hockey Roster. Failure to do so can result in fines, coach suspension and game forfeits. West Section, NYSAHA and USA Hockey may also elect to hold a hearing or impose additional penalties as using a non rostered player may result in insurance coverage for injuries being denied. Parents of players injured may sue the Head Coach if insurance coverage is denied.
  5. Head Coaches - Remember that you are responsible for the conduct of your Assistant Coaches, your players and your players’ parents. Remind all of our Zero Tolerance Policy and it is up to you and your organization to enforce the Zero Tolerance Policy. 



Important Links for Coaches:

EAHC Referee Evaluation Form:

See BELOW for BUTTON to link to the Referee Evaluations

NOTE: Referee Evaluations are to Be Used by Team Officials and Empire Board Members ONLY!

Team Officials who are NOT the Head Coach should always discuss their comments with the Head Coach before entering a Referee Evaluation.

Only one (1) Team Official from each team should enter an Evaluation for each game

Note that ONLY the Head Coach will receive feedback from a Referee Evaluation if needed. Parents or other not authorized persons filling out Evals will be reported to Team Officials.

The Referee Evaluation Form has been made both shorter and easier to fill out.


Use this form to report ALL Game Misconducts and Match Penalties whether they are incurred in EAHC League games or Playoffs, Scrimmages or Tournaments.

Use the REPORT AN INFRACTION button below or the direct link:

USA Hockey Coaches Page:

This page has links on how to become a coach plus practice plans and all kinds of resources for coaches.

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