2023-24 Game Rules - Changes/Updates/Reminders

Game Rule Reminders & Changes:

Penalty Minute Limits:

   14U & 18U games (per NYSAHA) will use 2 minute minors, 5 minute majors and 10 minute Misconducts.

   10U & 12U games (per NYSAHA) will use 1 minute minors, 3 minute Majors, and 6 minute Misconducts.

Game Lengths:

8U: 50 minute curfew, two 20 minute running time periods

10U: 60 minute curfew, three 10 minute stop time periods

NOTE: 10U 60 minute curfew is new for 23-24 season!

12U: 60 minute curfew, three 12 minute stop time periods

14U: 70 minute curfew, three 14 minute stop time periods

18U: 80 minute curfew, three 15 minute stop time periods

USA Hockey Rosters REQUIRED: All EAHC teams (6U to 18U) must have all Coaches on the Bench and all players (including substitutes) listed on their USA Hockey Rosters. USA Hockey Rosters must be identified to EAHC BEFORE the team plays in a game or a EAHC Jamboree using the team contact google forms.

Use of Illegal Players (including but not limited to use of non-USA Hockey rostered or illegal substitutes or suspended players): Teams will forfeit the game and for a 2nd offence Head Coach will also be suspended, 3rd offense results in a Head Coach hearing.

MERCY RULE: Applies at ALL Divisions.  Running clock will begin with a 7 or more goal advantage in 3rd period. Teams may return to stop clock if gap narrows to less than 7 goals. Timekeeper should only show 7 goal differential on clock, Scorekeeper records all goals on scoresheet.

11-13-23 Change to Guidebook: Skater sub rules for 12U. All 12U teams may now follow the rules for 14u & 18u, subs allowed up to 12 skaters. Skater subs from EAHC 10U teams may sub up to 3 times. Horizontal subs from 12U may sub one time only and none allowed in the playoffs.

Procedure Reminders:

Fill out Referee Evaluations:

Every team that regularly fills out referee evaluations (by Head Coach or his/her designee, NO PARENTS) will receive an extra Fair Play Point if they fill out a Ref Eval for 75% or more of their games within the month of the game. Link to the Ref Eval Form is:


REMINDER - Report All Game Misconducts and Match Penalties (in League Games, Scrimmages and Tournaments). DO NOT report "2+10" Boarding, Charging, Check from Behind or Head Contact penalties OR MISCONDUCTS where the player sits during the game. If not sure, please contact your Commissioner! Report via the "REPORT AN INFRACTION" BUTTON below.

EMPIRE REVIEW POLICY: See the EAHC Guidebook on the Documents page Page 21-22.

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