Parent & Other Issues - WARNING FOR EAHC Playoffs

In recent weeks, EAHC has had a number of teams contact us about concerns over player intimidation, parent issues in the stands, coaches etc Therefore we are sending out the information below in the hopes that parents, spectators, coaches and players will think before they act and we can all have a calm, fun and enjoyable playoff weekend. We are strongly encouraging all Head Coaches and Managers to send this out to their parents.

EAHC can and will clear the stands if a Board member (including Commissioners) is present at the game and the parents/spectators can't keep their cheering positive and encouraging. 

The referees can do the following if the spectators, players or coaches get out of control including but not restricted to name calling directed at players, coaches or other spectators, threats to anyone or any other conduct deemed detrimental to the game of hockey.

Game Misconducts or Match Penalties for Unsportsmanlike Behavior or Abuse of Officials to players and coaches. Match Penalties for racial or ethnic slurs.

Order parents or spectators to leave. If they do not immediately comply, game time can be run off the clock until they do. Referees are fully within their authority to do this.

All playoff games until the Championship games are curfewed. Any issues with players, coaches or spectators that cause delays will not result in increased curfews.

Intimidation in any form is NOT part of the game of hockey. Let's make our playoff weekend a positive experience for everyone. The parent issues statement from West Section is also attached so everyone knows how seriously NYSAHA takes these issues.

The EAHC Board fully supports the referees in their efforts to keep the games fair and safe for all players, coaches and spectators.

The EAHC Board

To be distributed to all Teams, parents and administrators

Subject: Urgent Notice Regarding Unacceptable Behavior at Youth Ice Hockey Games

Dear Association/Teams,

It has come to our attention that there has been an alarming increase in complaints regarding the behavior of parents at youth ice hockey games. We understand the passion and enthusiasm surrounding these events, but it is absolutely crucial that we maintain a positive and respectful environment for everyone involved, including players, officials, and spectators to uphold the dignity of the game.

Numerous reports have detailed instances of threats against officials, the throwing of objects, heated arguments, and the use of inappropriate language. Such behavior not only tarnishes the spirit of the game but also poses a serious risk to the safety and well-being of all participants.

In response to these concerns, we want to emphasize that we take these matters very seriously. We are implementing a strict warning to all teams within our League, Section and District that any further incidents will be met with severe consequences. These consequences may include, but are not limited to, discipline, suspensions for individuals and/or teams and even entire associations.

It is imperative that all members understand the gravity of the situation. The reputation of our game, league, section and district and association, as well as the safety and enjoyment of our young athletes, is at stake. We urge all parents, coaches, and supporters to reflect on their conduct and act as positive role models for the youth involved in our programs.

We want to make it clear that the West Section, WNYAHL and New York State Amateur Hockey Association (NYSAHA) is closely monitoring the situation. Any failure to comply with the established code of conduct will result in further action being taken by both our association and NYSAHA.

Let us work together to ensure that youth ice hockey games remain a safe place of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and respect. We appreciate your cooperation in fostering a positive environment for the benefit of all involved.

Gary Joseph West Section President