Report An Infraction

Use this form to report a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty incurred by a player or coach. DO NOT report Misconducts incurred by players for "mouthing off" where they sit for 10 Minutes (or 6 for 10U/12U) or Misconducts associated with a 2 minute Boarding, Checking from Behind, Charging or Head Contact.  This form is to report incidents where suspensions have been incurred and need to be served. In general, scoresheets will identify Game Misconduct (or Match Penalty) and a Rule Reference.  If you are unsure whether this form should be submitted, please contact your Commissioner, the EAHC President or EAHC VP.

Please submit one form per player or coach.

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Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager or Board Member
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Game Level
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Identify if your team was home or away
Identify the opposing team
Identify the score by identifying Home X Away Y
Identify the clock time and period of the incident.
Full Name is required. Include Parents Names, Phone and Email if this is a Match Penalty to a Player
Choose the Penalty Assessed
Provide all descriptive Information from the Scoresheet. Make sure your Commissioner receives a scan of the White Copy and it is mailed within 24 hours.
Provide rink location if not listed above, etc.
Identify the number of Games suspended or suspended until hearing
Identify the Dates where the suspension will be served. MUST be the next games currently on your team's schedule. If the team is going to a Tournament and the schedule has not been released yet, identify "Tournament Game 1,2,3"
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