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Adobe PDF file EAHC Guidebook Form *- Every team should print this form and turn in (along with their USA Hockey Roster) to your Commissioner at the Scheduling Meeting. NOTE: This form will not download correctly in Google Chrome. It will download in Internet Explorer. FireFox is TBD.

USA Hockey Roster Link- The link to your team's USA Hockey Roster should be placed on the Google Docs form for your team's division. The Head Coach & Manager's Name, Email, home phone and mobile phone must also be put on the Google Docs form. The link to your USA Hockey Roster is obtained from your organization's Registrar. This is link is required to be submitted by the time your team begins scheduling. Teams may NOT play games (scrimmage or league) until they have a USA Hockey Roster.

Adobe PDF file 2021-22 EAHC 8U & 6U Rules *- Updated for 2021-22 to add better description of substitution rules. ALL players MUST be rostered on the team including subs. Substitutes must come from a lower level team (Red gets subs from White, White gets subs from Blue, Blue can get subs horizontally) provided they are properly rostered ont he USA Hockey Roster. A player may substitute three times per season.

Adobe PDF file 2021-22 EAHC Guidebook *- Changes to reflect new USA Hockey & NYSAHA rules (rostering of subs, penalty minute lengths for 10U & 12U Plus no player signatures, Three 14 minute periods for 14U. All substitutes must rostered on your USA Hockey roster BEFORE they play!

Adobe PDF file 2021-25 NYSAHA Rules on Match Penalties and Penalty Lengths *- Document from Joe Baudo, President of NYSAHA. Identifies automatic penalties for Match Penalties (players/coaches may request a hearing to have automatic penalty adjusted but should realize penalty could be increased). Also identifies standard Penalty Minute lengths for all levels of games - for EAHC, 14U & 18U penalties are 2 minute minors, 5 minute Majors and 10 minute Misconducts. For 10U & 12U games which are 30 minutes of game time (3 periods of 10/10/10) and 12U which are 36 minutes of game time (3

Adobe PDF file 2021-25 USA Hockey Rule Change Summary *- List of Rule Changes effective for 2021 thru 2025. This is a summary document and if there are further questions, consult the USA Hockey Rule Book. The Rule Book has all of the changes high-lighted.

Adobe PDF file EAHC Injury Report Form *- This form should be filled out and Submitted to Your Commissioner who will give it to the EAHC Secretary. Your organization will also have a reporting process; that should be followed as your home organization's Registrar is responsible for supplying forms for USA Hockey Insurance.

Microsoft Excel file EAHC Justification Form 2021- Required to be filled out by each organization if Justifications are required by EAHC Rules.

Adobe PDF file EAHC Penalty Summary *- Describes in a visual format the USA Hockey and EAHC penalties and also describes when a penalty should be reported on the online form.

Adobe PDF file EAHC Sample Scoresheet *- This is a sample Score sheet intended to help teams correctly fill out a score sheet and avoid fines for incomplete or incorrect score sheets. NO signatures of players are required. However all coaches names must be neatly printed (either by hand or on stickers) and the Head Coach must sign.

Adobe PDF file NYS Cross and Half Ice Rules *- NYSAHA ADM Rules downloaded 2021-09-18. These rules can also be found on the NYSAHA website along with many other resources for coaches at https://www.nysaha.com/page/show/885689-adm-program

Adobe PDF file PLA Scorekeeping Instructions *- Instructions for PLA Clock.

Microsoft Word file RIC Scoreclock Instructions- These instructions should work for most time clocks in the Rochester area.

Adobe PDF file Commissioner Playoff Tips *- This document has all kinds of useful info for Commissioners for Playoffs covering consistency, what ifs, protests etc.

Adobe PDF file Commissioner Scheduling Meeting Info *- Identifies What to Do at Scheduling Meeting. This process will not be used for 2021-22 Season. See the "EAHC 2021 Scheduling Process for Commissioners" Document

Adobe PDF file Commissioner Scoresheet Entry Procedure - Basic *- 3 page document that describes how to enter a scoresheet into the website. Basically what to do once the scoresheets start arriving in your mailbox.

Adobe PDF file Commissioner To Do Document *- Identifies all of the Commissioner Duties

Adobe PDF file EAHC 2021 Scheduling Process for Commissioners *- Describes the 2021 Scheduling Process for Commissioners - Before, During and After Teams do their Scheduling and thru start of first Game

Microsoft Excel file Fair Play Tracking Sheet- Commissioners: Use this sheet to track Fair Play Points when Fair Play Point = 0.5 points per game. The Fair Play Point is 1 point per game for the 2019-20 season (and after) so this spreadsheet will not be used after 2019-20!

Adobe PDF file Penalty Stats Column Names and Descriptions *- REALLY USEFUL document. Explains the penalty stats columns.

Adobe PDF file Suspension Instructions *- This document describes what to do if a player or Coach gets a USA Hockey Game Misconduct, Match Penalty or incurs a EAHC suspension due to violation of penalty minutes, aggressive play limits or # of Majors (players) or Game Misconducts (coach)

Adobe PDF file USA Hockey Progressive Suspensions Rules (2013-2017) *- Describes the Rules Progressive Suspensions for 5 minute Majors and Fighting Penalties

Adobe PDF file Website Training *- This is an old document can be useful. League Athletics keeping changing the appearance slightly.

Adobe PDF file EAHC Referee Evaluation Form *- This Form can be printed and filled out to submit a Referee Evaluation for a EAHC Game. The paper version should be submitted to your Commissioner. Please note that EAHC REQUIRES that a Referee Evaluation be filled out for EVERY game. We strongly ENCOURAGE all teams to use the on-line Referee Evaluation System located on the Coaches Corner Page of this website as evaluations are sent immediately to the appropriate authorities for review.

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.