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Welcome to the Empire Amateur Hockey Conference website. Our site is continuously evolving and we add content continuously. Users will be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much more. Check back frequently for the latest information! Members of the EAHC Board who supervise this league can be found on the "Contacts" page on the left hand side of this page.

HOCKEY IS BACK starting on 2/1/2021

This year the EAHC will manage and supervise league play for approximately 100 youth hockey teams in the greater Rochester area. Teams range from RWB 6U & 8U through Midget 18U. 6U participate in several Cross Ice Jamborees hosted by local rinks and member organizations. For 2020-21, 8U play 8 Half Ice Games at the Red, White & Blue skill levels. Squirt 10U & Peewee 12U teams play a 8 game schedule at the Red, White & Blue (Blue is Squirt only) levels. Bantam 14U & Midget 18U teams play an 8 game schedule. Our EAHC 2020-2021 hockey season runs from Feb.1 through the end of March, 2021.

ALL DIVISION GAME SCHEDULES ARE POSTED as of 1/31/2021!   Rink COVID Policies can be found n the EAHC Game Scheduling and Play Seciton below. LETS PLAY HOCKEY!   GODD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS!

ALL GAMES WILL OCCUR UNLESS THE RINKS CLOSE!  All teams should always have 1 coach ready to skate as a referee (with helmet, skates and whistle) just in case a car does not start,someone gets sick etc etc.

All Teams should read the HOCKEY IS BACK announcement posted below and periodicially updated as needed.  Penalty & Aggressive Play updated limits were approved on 2/23/2021 and posted. 
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EAHC Game Scheduling & Play Information
Welcome Empire Players!   1.) All teams will be playing...
Score Clock Info & Instructions
NOTE: Webster, Scottsville, BGIP, Lakeshore, Batavia...
Upcoming EAHC Board Meetings
EAHC Monthly Meetings: Held on the 2nd Monday of each Month @...
Respect The Refs!
USA Hockey Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play & Respect
Have you watched the USA Hockey video about the Declaration of...
EAHC Game Scheduling & Play Information

Welcome Empire Players!

1.) All teams will be playing an 8 week schedule in February and March, 2021. RWB/8U will play Half Ice 50 minute curfew games.  Squirt/10U & Peewee/12U wll play 50 minute curfew with three 10 minute periods & 1.5 minute minor penalties.  Bantam/14U and Midget/18U will play 80 minute curfew games with three 15 minute periods, 2 minute minor penalties.  Major penalities will be 5 minutes and Misconduct penalties will be 10 minutes for ALL divisons. Games will start on February 5th and are completed by the end of March.  Home Team on the schedule (not the host org) is responsible for supplying the timekeeper and scorekeeper, however if the host org team is the away team (which may happen), please offer to help if the designated home team is struggling with the timeclock.  Home team is responsible for mailing the scoresheet to the Commissioner for Squirt thru Midget games.  NOTE: games will not be rescheduled for weather unless the rink closes.  Leave early, drive carefully and plan for weather.

2.) Most teams will play one game per weekend.  However, if your team is in a division with an odd number of teams (5,7, 11, 13), your team may play two games in one weekend and skip a weekend.  Games were scheduled using "block scheduling" meaning each organization hosts one or more blocks of games (with 2 thru 5 game slots) with the host team(s) playing an opponent and other teams within their division playing in the rest of the game slots on this date/game block.  The next weekend there will be 1 or more blocks at other rinks.  In this scenario, a Squirt game schedule may look like:

    01-Mar   10 am   Geneseo vs Canandaigua    Webster Ice Arena
    01-Mar   11 am   Webster vs RYH                 Webster Ice Arena
    01-Mar   12 pm   RochJr Amerks vs Batavia Webster Ice Arena
    01-Mar     1 pm   Roch Edge vs MCYH         Webster Ice Arean

3.) Teams should expect to hear from their Commissioners before games start with more information.  Commissioners will have the scoresheets to hand out.  Teams must get scrimmage scoresheets form their home org and NOT use EAHC scoresheets for scrimmages.  Teams are STRONGLY requested to utilze stickers (3 stickers needed per game).  Stickers MUST include all players on their USA Hockey Roster.  Managers should ensure players not playing are crossed off, any suspensions are noted (cross off player and write uspended next to this/her name).  All coaches on the bench MUST be listed on the scoresheet (NYSAHA rule).  Teams must include their proper TEAM NAME and TEAM ID (listed on their USA Hockey Roster) on the scoresheet either on their sticker or hand written in the Team Name field (per NYSAHA rules). Managers and Head Coaches must ensure scoresheets are an accurate representation of the players and coaches present for each game on the scoresheet for contact tracing if this is needed!  Bantam & Midgets players do NOT have to sign scoresheets.

4.) Teams should always follow the rules of the host rink including limits on spectators.  Please follow all rules so everyone can continue playing games at all of the rinks in the Rochester area.  Below are links to the rinks COVID Policies including their policies on spectators allowed (varies), social distancing, wearing masks (everyone entering the facility per State Law), capacity limits, etc.  Teams should be aware of the rink policy and be prepared to follow them for every game.  Ignorance is not an excuse.  Make it safe for everyone and follow the rules!  NOTE: Per USA Hockey Policy, coaches are required to wear masks on the bench.

       Rochester Ice Center (RIC)(page down to find the policy)   (Jr. Amerks)
       Bill Grays IcePlex (BGIP)    (RYH, Edge, Jr Amerks) as of 2/1/2021
             PDF document & Email from Rink Mgr posted on DOCUMENTS page 
     Webster Ice Arena (Webster)   (Webster Youth Hockey)
       Paul Louis Arena (PLA)   (Jr.Amerks, Edge, TCYH)
       Lakeshore Hockey Arena (Lakeshore)   (TCYH, MCYH)
       Scottsville Ice Arena (Scottsville)  (Geneseo, MCYH, TCYH) as of 2/1
       Canandaigua Civic Center (GCCC)    (Canandaigua) Updated 2/10
       Batavia (Falletti)    (Batavia)
       Village Sports (VS )   (RYH 8U)
              TBD- document coming soon!  Max two spectators per player.  Players should exit the building as soons as possible after the game has completed.


5.) Per agreement of all organizations involved in EAHC, there will be NO game resceduling for ANY reason. The season is only 8 weeks long and ice availability is limited especially with three rinks down (RIT, Brockport and Geneseo).  Have less than 11 players - play the game.  Head Coach not available - the asistant coaches step up and the game is played.  Refs do not show up - play the game with one coach from each team "reffing".  Every team should always have one coach ready with skates, helmet and whistle ready to fill in as refs.  We will not reschedule if a team has no coach available to "ref".  Play the game. 


6.) Per agreement of the EAHC Board on 2/23/2021, the following changes to EAHC Penalty limits are now in place for this shortened season:

In an effort to slow a growing trend of penalty minutes the Empire board, via e-vote unanimously voted to change the penalty minute limits for this season 2020-2021. Below you will find the new standards for minutes before suspension and the suspensions that follow if the minutes are maximized. All current penalty minutes are retroactive, so some players are already on the clock. Our goal is to keep players safe. If there are any questions please reach out to your commissioners.
For all age groups, cut the Penalty minute thresholds to 75% of their current values for the 2021 season.  Additionally, cut the suspensions in half as well.  Upon meeting these threshold numbers, a player will follow the 2021 Guidebook for subsequent minutes accumulated as outlined in the guidebook. 
New Levels:
SQ 22 Minutes
PW 30 Minutes
Ban 45 Minutes
Mid 60 Minutes
**1 Game suspension for any player surpassing these levels.
Additional games for additional minutes
SQ/ PW each 15 minutes, 1 additional game.
BAN/ MID each 20 minutes, 1 additional game. 
*No hearings due to the length of the season.
Aggressive play penalty Thresholds to drop by 1.  Suspensions start at 3 games (instead of 4). Hearings start at the 5th infraction.
All levels return to levels stated in the Guidebook for the 2021-22 season and beyond.
Again we should all be thankful for the opportunity to play organized, scheduled games. Please instill in your players that we have a short season. It would be foolish to miss game time due to playing the game recklessly.

MORE INFORMATION on game play will be posted as it comes available!


MOST IMPORTANT - Empire is offering a short season (8 games in 8 weeks) so the kids have the opportunity to play games and have a fun experience to end the season. Winning and Losing is less important than giving our children a good experience to end this very challenging season.

by posted 01/29/2021
Score Clock Info & Instructions

PLA Score Clock Instructions

NOTE: Webster, Scottsville, BGIP, Lakeshore, Batavia and Canandaigua should work similar to RIC (instructions posted below).  Managers should print both sets of instructions and keep them in their manager's books. 
PLA instructions posted as an image above and will also be posted on the DOCUMENTS page as a PDF file (see tab on the left hand side).  The clock on the non HS rink at Lakeshore should work like PLA.

Rochester Ice Center Hockey Clock



1- Unlock the box protecting the scoreboard controls. (ask for key at the rink main office)

2- Turn the scoreboard power on; the switch is on the back of the control board.

3- Do not continue the previous game, hit the CLEAR Button.

4- If the code shown is not 062, enter 062 then hit the ENTER button.

5- Hit the CLEAR/NO button when prompted for Tenths of a Second.


1- Hit the SET MAIN CLOCK button.

2- Type in the time and hit the ENTER button. . Ex. 5 minutes, type in 500. (check the display on the scoreboard control)

3- To run the time hit the START button, To stop the time hit the STOP button.

4- To enter the periods, hit the PERIOD+  button until you have the desired period on the scoreboard.

5- To reset the time after a period hit the SET TIME button and then the ENTER button. The previous period time will be entered automatically. If you need to enter a different time length repeat steps 1 & 2 with the new time.


1- Hit the PLAYER/PENALTY button.

2- Hit the ENTER button.

3- Type in the player number. (does not show on most scoreboards, but is useful if you need to delete penalties)

4- Hit the ENTER button.

5- Type in the penalty time. Ex. A 1:30 penalty, hit 130. (Double check the scoreboard control display)

6- Hit the ENTER button. 


1- Hit the PLAYER/PENALTY button.

2- Hit the UP ARROW key until the penalty you need to remove shows on the scoreboard control display (check player number and time remaining to make sure you have the correct one if there are multiple penalties on the clock).

3- Hit the CLEAR button.

4- Hit the ENTER button.


1- Turn the scoreboard off.

2- If you checked out the scoreboard key, lock the scoreboard and return the key to the front desk.


by posted 01/19/2021
Upcoming EAHC Board Meetings

EAHC Monthly Meetings:

Held on the 2nd Monday of each Month @ 7:00 PM at Bill Gray's Ice Arena
Disciplinary Hearings may be held prior to each meeting at 6:30 PM 

Meetings are open to all.  Agenda items and requests to speak should sent to the Empire President, VP and Secretary one week before the meeting date.  Meetings are generally held in the conference room opposite Rink #3. 

Next Meetings are:
        Monday, January 18   via ZOOM Monthly Meeting
             If a decision on games is announced, expect this meeting to occur shortly after the announcement.
        Monday, February 8  Location TBD
        Monday, March 8  Location TBD

General Meeting Schedule:
May - Spring & Summer Meetings are for discussion of rule changes and planning
June - Final EAHC Calendar set including Scheduling Meeting date
July - Rule Changes & Planning
August - Commissioners determined, planning begins for Scheduling, Finalization of Rule Changes 
September - Board Meeting (Preliminary Team Counts due)
         Last Monday of September Meeting:  TBD
                      Final Team Counts are Due
                      Final Divisions are set
                      Commissioner Training
October -
         The annual Scheduling Meeting is held on the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday.
           TBD for 2020-21
November - Commissioner Reports & Issue Discussions
December- Commissioner Reports & Issue Discussions & Finalize Playoff Planning
January - Commissioner Reports & Issue Discussions
February - Playoff Training for Commissioners Plus January Topics
March - End of Season Closeout and Celebration
April - Transition of Officers, Preliminary EAHC Calendar set  

ALL EAHC Rosters are Frozen on 12/31. If you need further information on dates, please consult the Events Calendar on the right hand side of the Home page.  Empire Contact Information can be found on the Empire Contacts page accessed thru the link on the lef side of the Home page.

by posted 11/30/2020
Respect The Refs!

Respect The Refs

by posted 10/31/2020
USA Hockey Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play & Respect

Have you watched the USA Hockey video about the Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play and Respect?

This nitiative is designed to change the culture as to what is considered acceptable/unacceptable body checking and competitive contact at all levels of play.

The video is 16 minutes and 40 seconds.  All coaches should view this video and encourage all parents and players ot view it also.

The video is available on YouTube and can be found at the following link

Good Luck this Season!

by posted 12/20/2019
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